Pure Joy Hawaii

First Blog Post!!

Joy GrahamComment

Confession:  I am a 27-year-old jewelry designer, my computer skills are horrible to inferior at best, and this is my VERY FIRST TIME BLOGGING!  Also, I just ate leftover cold pizza for breakfast… that’s right folks, the breakfast of champions.  I really have to force myself to eat something before I dive into work.  I guess that’s what happens when you love what you do!    

Anyhow, although I’m definitely more of a pen-and-paper kind of gal, I am extremely excited about the re-launch of PureJoyHawaii.com!  My dream web shop has finally come to fruition.  I’m elated to say that this site truly captures the Pure Joy Hawaii vibe.  It feels great to have Pure Joy Hawaii represented so accurately and for the whole world to see!     

Pure Joy Hawaii jewelry is definitely an extension of myself.  It’s not just my work or what I do.  It’s also a part of who I am.  So much of what I’m feeling is expressed through creating collections.  A group of earrings and necklaces tell a story- it may be in a code that only I can understand, but it speaks volumes about Joy Graham at that moment in time.

I can’t believe how blessed I’ve been on this jewelry journey.  I’ve had tremendous support from my clients, friends, and family.  I am humbled, overwhelmed, and very grateful to everyone.  Thank you Jesus for allowing me to do what I love and still feel passionate about designing.  God is Good!

P.S.  (Is there even such a thing in a blog?)  I just really want to express further gratitude.  Thanks to all my awesome retailers who believed in my line, Summer for all your help and always being there, Nick and Dennis for getting the ball rolling even though I lagged, Ryan Foley, Krista Alvarez, and Jordann Aguon for an awesome first shoot, and my parents, Jesse, and Tatum for the unconditional love! 

Huge shout out and thank you to CHRIS at VEITH MEDIA for making it happen!  Need a site?  Chris is amazingly talented and will get the job done.   (cveith@gmail.com)